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Dillan Doranso comes into our story (Chapter 10) in the middle of a Manchester bar fight caused by a very foolish man calling him by his nickname: Dildo, which he obviously hates. He gets rescued by Deborah and they escape in her car.

Dillan is ex SAS and therefore is highly trained in weapons, tactics, martial arts but not so with technology. This becomes evident when Deborah explains how their hackers cracked the secure digital communications used by the police by using a super-computing cluster of 100,000+ machines. They also used fake bitcoin mining software but that’s another story !

Dillan’s career came to an abrupt end when he hit a senior warrant officer. The incident happened after he briefly returned to the UK on an operation and the warrant officer demanded to know why his boots weren’t clean. Dillan tried to explain that he didn’t have time to clean-up as he had just come out of a war zone and was still active. The warrant officer demanded that he go and clean him self up immediately but Dillan explained that he had more important things to do and refused. The warrant officer tried to get Dillan jailed so Dillan hit him, breaking his jaw and was dishonourably discharged after a court marshal. This put him in the right bad-boy frame of mind to be recruited by the ‘service’

In tribute of the SAS, here’s a documentary of the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980 :-