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The two main men in the book The Wife Disposal Service are the ultimate in British bad boys. Not only do they kill one of their wives (saving the husband millions from the pending divorce) they go on to create a service to do the same for other wealthy husbands facing divorce.

Strangely enough, Hollywood thinks British men make the best baddies too :-

They live a luxurious and exciting life-style of fast cars, fast computers, fast money, fast guns and fast women that many men dream about and all the while evading the police. They even managed to get the police to take out one of the local gangs. They have the best computer hackers, the best kit, the best weapons and the best ex-special forces personnel.

Speaking of bad boys, Mercedes-Benz did an advert featuring “Chicken Stability” and shortly after Jaguar did a piss-take – enjoy :-

If you were too lazy to watch the video :-

Chicken : 0
Jaguar: 1