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The two men were in a jewellers discussing what kind of watch the second man should buy. The display case in front of them had several brands on display.

The second man asked the shop assistant if he could try on a large chunky digital watch that was densely populated with buttons and gadgets. The assistant handed him the watch and he tried it on his wrist.

“This looks pretty cool !” said the second man “How much ?” he asked.

“If you have to ask you probably can’t afford it !” said the first man, half joking.

“450 pounds.” replied the shop assistant.

“I think I can afford it … I’ll have ten !!” joked the second man.

There was a visible look of disappointment on the shop assistant’s face as he realised the second man was joking.

“Do you really want to buy that ?” asked the first man.

“Why what’s wrong with it ?” asked the second man.

“A watch has two main functions. “ explained the first man “The first function is to tell the time and the second function is to show what kind of man you are.”

“OK … what does this watch show ?” asked the second man.

“It shows that the owner is a bit of a nerd who is trying a bit too hard to impress.” explained the first man.

“Hmm I see your point.” said the second man handing the watch back to the shop assistant. “OK what would you suggest ? Rolex ? Tag Heuer ?” he asked.

“No, as those typically cost thousands they almost shout ‘I’m rich’ . The secret is style and subtlety. The previous watch simply showed the world that you desperately want everyone to know how cool and stylish you are but would probably have the opposite effect.” explained the first man.

“OK … ” the second man waited for his friend to continue.

“You want a watch that is subtle and distinctive, that isn’t crying out for attention, but when it gets it simply confirms the wearer is cool and stylish.” explained the first man.

“Right … ” said the second man.

“Digital displays suggest slight degree of nerdiness so go for analogue.” said the first man.

“OK … I think I get it … how about these ?” asked the second man pointing to some Armani watches.

“Yes … can we see some of those ?” ask the first man to the shop assistant, who get out two Armani watches.

“See … from a distance it looks a bit distinctive but get up close and you see the style.” explained the first man.

“OK, I’m sold. I’ll take two please.” said the second man passing his credit card to the shop assistant.

“OK, lets go.” said the first man looking at his watch.

“Thats a nice watch, how much was that ?” asked the second man getting his card back along with the watch and receipt.

“Fifty quid on eBay !” replied the first man walking outside.