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These are some of the characters from the book :-

First Man – The two main characters aren’t named. This is the man who needed to have his trophy-wife ‘disappeared’ because she was going to take half of his wealth from the divorce.

Second Man – This is the man who came up with the idea of a ‘Wife Disposal Service’ and acts like an XO / CEO

Deborah Foster / Debz – is ex-forces and MI5 and acts as a liaison between the two men and the various units. She also recruits various people including hackers, ex-forces and anybody else who could be interesting. She loves the singer P!nk and shopping.

Anton – is in charge of Unit 5, one of many self-contained groups.

Heike – (Unit 5) is one of the field-ops and was in the German army for many years. She 6’5 and quite strong as Greg finds out !

Keith – (Unit 5) is another field-op. He is 5’11. He spent many years in the British Army.

Dillan Doranso – (Unit 5) is also a field-op. He is trained in martial arts, tactics, weapons and is ex-SAS. He totally hates his nick name: Dildo.

Greg Goodman – (Unit 5) is a hacker and gets recruited by Deborah. He is an expert in hacking Windows and automotive computer systems.

Claire – (Unit 5) is a hacker. She is quite small at 5’4, she has blond hair, green eyes and gorgeous. She uses her ‘assets’ to twist the other hackers round her little finger until she meets Dillan. She is expert at hacking Unix / Linux systems.

Jason – (Unit 5) is another hacker who likes ‘swimming’.

DCI (Chief Inspector) Alison Coulson is the boss of DI Hanson. She finds his lack of technical expertise a bit of a drag.

DI (Detective Inspector) Don Hanson has been in the police for many years. He is technically illiterate and almost seems proud of it.

DS (Detective Sergeant) Paul Cooper has only been in the police for a few years. He is quite good with technology.