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(This is between Chapter 1 and 2)

The two men were driving back from London through Kent along the M2.

“Did you hear those two women talking back in the restaurant ?” asked the second man.

“No. I don’t normally listen to women’s conversations because they are so tedious and dull !” said the first man.

“The subject of the conversation was how men are always wrong and why are they so useless.” said the second man.

“Well, if men were always wrong and useless, we would all still be in caves !” said the first man “ but the secret here is to re-frame their conversation.” he continued.

“OK” said the second man

“As the infrastructure of our current level of civilisation was designed, built and maintained mostly by men, it proves that we are not useless and got a lot of things mostly right.” explained the first man.

“You mean things like clean running water, electricity, roads, buildings, bridges and the Internet ?” asked the second man.

“Yes, all those things were possible because of men. Very few women would be prepared to do the ‘heavy lifting’ required to do these things, many stick to ‘fluff’ trades like media or gender studies.” said the first man.

“OK, so how does the re-framing come into it ?” asked the second man.

“When women ask ‘where have all the good men gone ?’ it simply means good men are avoiding her and hooking up with the good women.” explained the first man.

” … or her impossibly high standards have filtered them all out.” interrupted the second man.

“Yes that too. Women who ask this have been conditioned by the media to think that women are always right, men are always wrong, so therefore all problems are created by men … conveniently forgetting that their amazingly comfortable, connected lives are designed, built and maintained mostly by those same men.“ explained the first man.

“I would view any women asking that question as an ungrateful brat unworthy of my time.“ said the second man.

“Yeah, me too !”

The Rolls-Royce sped past Whitstable and the two men continued.

“So how is the recruiting process going ?” asked the first man.

“I’ve got an ex MI5 agent called Deborah Foster. She was treated very unfairly by her superiors and should be sympathetic to our cause.“ said the second man.

“OK, she could be very handy … and the hacker ?” asked the first man.

“We caught a hacker called Claire trying to hack into one of our honey-pot servers … “ the second man was interrupted.

“Honey-pot server ??” asked the first man.

“These are special servers that have been specially setup to be hacked and when they are, they start recording the attack methods and even attempt to hack back.” explained the second man.

“Hacking hackers !” joked the first man.

“Yes. even though Claire was very careful hiding her IP address with Tor, we were able to catch her because she posted details of her hack on to one of our hacker forums using our fake Tor service.” said the second man.

“Tor ?” asked the first man.

“The Onion Router. It disguises your IP address by bouncing it around the world.” explained the second man.

“Good. what about these deals with café owners ?” asked the first man.

“It’s rare for good hackers to slip-up the way Claire did so I needed another way to find them. A lot of hackers use other people’s WiFi to do some of their hacks from, these are often cafés, hotels or restaurants so, with the owner’s permission, we install network sniffers that tell us if anyone tries to use Tor or attempts any kind of hack.” explained the second man.

“There are a lot of cafés, hotels and restaurants in the UK so you can’t do all of them.” asked the first man.

“Agreed. We have a few hundred devices around London and they have yielded a few potentials.” said the second man.

“Like ?” asked the first man.

“There is a young lad called Greg who has worked on the computers used in cars so he could be useful for the car-hack we’re working on.” said the second man.

“OK.” said the first man.

The two men changed the subject and the Rolls-Royce continued on it’s journey.