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The Wife Disposal Service is a story about two very wealthy men who create a service to dispose of wives who are planning to divorce their husbands saving them millions. As they are operating way outside the law they need to set things up very carefully so they don’t get caught. In the book they are simply referred as the “First Man” and the “Second Man”. They can often be found riding in a Rolls-Royce Ghost or on a luxury cruiser.

They start by recruiting Deborah ‘Debz’ Foster (ex MI5) as a liaison between them and the various units that do the hacking and the hits. She has many jobs but these are the most important :-

1. Ensure the activities of the hackers and field-ops can’t be connected to each other and, most importantly, the two men. To that end she develops various protocols that every member has to follow.

2. Recruit members into each unit. Hackers who will write state-of-the-art malware, hack servers and provide various technical services. Field-ops (ex army or special forces) will do the reconnaissance and the hits. Engineers will design, build and maintain the various gadgets that help the others avoid the police.

The various units operate and are similar to ASUs (Active Service Units – used by special forces and terrorists) in that they are totally self-contained and know nothing of the other units. This is done so that if a unit is captured by the police they wont be able to betray the others.

Even though there are many units only two units are mentioned in the book, Unit 5 gets most of the attention and Unit 4 makes a brief appearance. The other units are either disbanded or captured.

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